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Quitting smoking lets you feel good about what you've done for yourself and your family.

A Smoking Cessation Project for Women of Reproductive Age

The You Quit Two Quit Project is implemented by the University of North Carolina Center for Maternal and Infant Health in partnership with the Women and Tobacco Coalition for Health, the NC Division of Public Health Tobacco Prevention and Control Branch, and Community Care of The Lower Cape Fear. The project is funded by the US Department of Health and Human Services Office of Women's Health. The goal of the You Quit Two Quit project is to ensure that there is a comprehensive system in place to screen and treat tobacco use in women, pregnant and postpartum mothers. This project is unique in its focus on low-income women, new mothers and recidivism prevention.

  • Increase the number and types of providers who screen, advise, and refer low-income women of reproductive age, pregnant and postpartum mothers to the NC Quitline. Smokers who call the Quitline double their chances of quitting.
  • Increase the information available to health care providers about smoking cessation screening and counseling, resources, and services for women, pregnant and new mothers.
  • Develop best-practice, sustainable, community-based smoking cessation projects that work with women, pregnant and new moms. Outreach will include a variety of stakeholders who provide services and support to this population.
  • Disseminate information widely about the best-practice projects, including technical assistance for new sites wishing to improve their prevention work on this critical issue.
  • Create continuity of care by focusing on the preconception, prenatal and perinatal periods, and including an emphasis on preventing postpartum relapse and eliminating second-hand smoke exposure.