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Did you know?

Not smoking helps prevent colds and serious illnesses like bronchitis and pneumonia.

Medicaid Now Covers Smoking Cessation Counseling!

 As of January 1, 2009, Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Certified Nurse Midwives, and allied health professionals can receive reimbursement for the following Smoking Cessation Counseling CPT codes:

  • 99406 – Intermediate visit (3-10 minutes)
  • 99407 – Intensive visit (> 10 minutes)

An appropriate tobacco-related diagnosis, such as ICD-9 code 305.1 (tobacco abuse), must be filed in addition to the Evaluation and Management code and submitted with the CPT code.

 For more information, please see the January 2009 NC Medicaid Bulletin: http://www.dhhs.state.nc.us/dma/bulletin/0109bulletin.htm